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Social Media Marketing


    • 500 ₹


Note: Setup fee Rs 1500 for any package.

Why the setup fee? We will set up &  improve your social appearance by fixing the logo, new header, suggestions for old posts, and more.  

We will post according to provided content by the customer or from these categories:

We’ll Arrange Provided By Client
Special Days Coming soon Benefits (Services/Products)
Important Day Announcement Latest Industry News
Famous Birthday About Product / Service Poll
Festivals We are (Tell about Yourself) Share Result
Quote Tips & Tricks Contest
Meme Live Announce the Winner
Trend Carousel Add Behind The Scenes
Inspiring Post Offer Odd Man Out
Did you know? Promote Your Product Screenshot of Tweet
Emotional Post Testimonial / Reviews Profiles
Thanks, Your Followers Anser on FAQ Product Give away
Evergreen Post Why Before & After
Video Add Myth vs Fact Thanks to Customers